natural solutions for natural beings

My exploration into herbal medicine began a number of years ago. What started as a way to help myself and my own health, has now grown into a business that does the same for others.

I, like many of the people I know, have grown weary of the health care system and its propensity to simply give us more chemicals to ingest for every little thing that is wrong with us. Doctors frequently don’t address the problems; they simply treat the symptoms. That being said – there are many wonderful and valid reasons for going to a doctor when needed. Herbal medicine cannot do a lot of things and there are many things that modern medicine does much better.

((Notice: This website and anything posted on it anywhere at any time should never be construed as medical advice. You should always consult your doctor before changing or stopping any medication or treatment.))

However, there are a lot of problems – chronic and minor – that do not require ingesting chemicals regularly. For instance, it isn’t necessary to automatically take an antacid every day, yet so many people do it. There is a reason your digestive system produces acid. It is needed for absorption of some minerals and it serves as a disease preventative. Completely suppressing that production of stomach acid all the time is not good for your digestive system. One of the latest fads is taking pre/pro-biotics (chemically produced, in pill form) to ‘fix’ our digestive system. A study should be done to see how many people in need of these pre/pro-biotics are also taking a daily (unnecessary) antacid. There is probably a connection there. We completely suppress one vital aspect of our digestive process – and then wonder why our digestive system isn’t working properly. It is so much healthier, cheaper, and easier to eat an apple a day for your digestive system health and take ginger or peppermint for heartburn. You can make tea from either one of those and take care of most upset stomach issues. How many different chemical preparations are out there for constipation? Frankly, the apple a day would help prevent that from even happening, but when it does happen, a few prunes will do wonders.

I no longer eat fake food – no artificial ingredients or chemicals I can’t identify, and no processed foods. And I am making many herbal preparations to take care of problems, whose symptoms were treated with drugs before. Keeping your body in balance, making the whole body healthy, and looking at the issues themselves instead of just treating the symptoms, is the way to a healthy life. Some might even say it is the way to an aeternus life. And that is the reason I selected the Latin word for eternal for my business and the motto: semper ad meliora … always toward better things. 😉

Prof Z