I have added some new herbal products to the web site for purchase.

  • Kid Calm Elixir
  • Herbal Ear Drops (safe & effective for kids & animals) passion flower w CApop kava
  • Herbal Cough Syrup (adults only, contains alcohol)
  • Panax Ginseng Tincture (Asian, white ginseng in brandy)
  • 3 Mushroom Tincture (maitake, reishi, shiitake in brandy)

Ginseng       mushroom.jpg

Elderberry Update: I know that it has been difficult to find elderberries of late – but I do still have a number of bottles of Elderberry Tincture available, and I have a large jar of elderberries & elder flowers macerating that will be ready soon. 😉 I also have been able to locate some elderberries (at Spring Valley Herbs in Springfield, MO) so I can once again make non-alcoholic Elderberry Cough Syrup (safe for children).

NOW AVAILABLE: Hemp Seed Tincture (organic, hulled seeds macerated in vodka)

hemp seed


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