gallery even though market closed …

Just because the C-Street City Market is closed for the season does not mean aeternus is closed. Products are available on the usual website ( and on eBay (aeternus on eBay).

kava poppy beet

You can still get the Kava Kava Tincture here – even if not on eBay; eBay won’t allow it to be sold there. I make an extra strength Kava tincture – using a double soak method.

mushroom 5 a

I have also added 2 additional mushrooms to my Mushroom Tincture; chaga and turkey tail have been added to the original maitake, reishi, and shiitake. All are excellent anti-oxidants and help to promote cell health as well as repair and restore cell health.


Chaste Berry and Orange Bitters were added to the collection of herbal tinctures I make some months ago. Chaste Berry is great for restoring hormone balance – whether due to PMS or menopause.

And Orange Bitters can be used before a meal to stimulate your appetite or after a meal to aid with digestion.

orange bitters 2


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