gallery Helping Your Digestive System

If you have been overindulging during the holidays (and who hasn’t?) you need to get your digestive system back on track and do something nice for your liver and kidneys. They work so hard to remove the toxins in our bodies – and this time of year we tend to make them work even harder. There are a number of things that can help get you back on track.

Some of the best things for this: orange bitters, dandelion root, burdock root and ginger. You can easily make your own dandelion and ginger tea and drink a cup every day. The Brits make a dandelion and burdock beverage (Amazon & Walmart both carry). Daily ingestion of kombucha, yogurt and/or apple cider vinegar are also good. These are the probiotics you should be taking – as opposed to the chemicals created in a lab that you can buy in pill form. Could Probiotics Cause Brain Fog?

WP_20181230_06_39_10_Pro-2 I have several tinctures available. I make a liver & kidney health blend, which includes dandelion and burdock along with milk thistle, red clover and alfalfa. This combination of herbs may help to cleanse, protect and restore your liver and kidneys.

I also have orange bitters with cardamom – which can be a great assistant for your digestive system. Orange bitters can be taken before and/or after a meal. Before a meal, it stimulates the appetite. Now, that doesn’t mean it will make you eat more; it means that it will get your digestive system up and running so that it can properly handle what you do eat. Taken after a meal, it continues to help your digestive system while it breaks down the food and extracts the vitamins and minerals. These are each available here for $14 (free shipping).  Purchase Tinctures

Your digestive system is so much more than just your stomach and intestines. It is the engine that runs your body. You cannot operate properly if your engine is not operating properly. If any part of your digestive system is not doing its job, your body will feel the effects in many ways.


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