gallery Hemp Pain Rub

NEW PRODUCT – I just spent the afternoon making a Hemp Pain Rub from hemp leaf & seed, along with grapeseed oil & coconut oil, with frankincense & cinnamon essential oils. I will have it at the C-Street Market tomorrow – Saturday 4/27/19 – at an introductory price of $10, tomorrow only (Commercial Street in Springfield 9am-2pm). In WP_20190426_14_43_23_Pro (2).jpgMay, it will go to a regular price of $15. Tomorrow is also the last day of the April sale on the Sativa Complete Hemp Herbal Tincture. That will still be on sale tomorrow for $20; in May it goes back to its regular price of $25. As always, I have a Hemp Seed Extract – for those who are looking solely for the nutrition of hemp seed – for $15. The seed alone is highly nutritious and heart healthy. While it may provide mild pain or anxiety relief, the leaf generally is stronger in that regard. The pain rub and the sativa complete tincture are made with both the seed and the leaf for that reason.

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