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     When using herbal supplements or preparations, always consult a medical professional. Never stop taking a prescribed medication until you discuss it with your doctor.

     Be sure you carefully read the ingredients in any herbal preparation. You do not need any artificial or chemical ingredients. You have turned to herbs to avoid these. Do not assume that what it says on the front label is all that is in it. Always read the ingredients on the back label. Be wary of a product that is foreign-made or mass-produced in a factory. In either case, it could be a very good herbal product, but investigate the company to be certain of that.

     My herbal tinctures & topicals are made only with the ingredients listed on the labels. There are no contaminants, fillers, chemicals or artificial ingredients used – ever. I  use herbs from very reputable sources – always as close to home as possible. I make the tinctures and topicals with my own hands, in my own kitchen. They are not mass-produced in a factory. In fact, I am willing to share my recipes if you would like to make your own. 



Using Herbal Tinctures​

     Herbal tinctures are used for general health purposes and for specific issues. When using a tincture for a general health purpose, it make take a week or so of daily use until you begin to feel the effects. A few herbal tinctures taste pleasant, but most do not. You can take the tincture dose directly from the dropper into your mouth. You can also put the appropriate dose in an ounce of water or juice.    

     An herbal extract that uses alcohol as the extraction agent is called a tincture. My tinctures use 80 proof alcohol as the extraction/macerating agent (brandy or vodka). Alcohol is not the only option, but it is the best option. Alcohol is best at extracting the herbal properties; alcohol takes the herbal tincture into your blood stream more quickly; alcohol makes the shelf life of the tincture quite long, if not indefinite. The amount of alcohol consumed is minimal. The usual dose of most tinctures is about a quarter of a teaspoon. Still – none of these alcohol-based tinctures should be taken by children, pregnant women, or people who are alcohol intolerant. For children and those with alcohol issues, herbal extracts can be made with glycerin or vinegar.


Shipping on all products is included. Due to the nature of the products, and the hazard of tampering, no products can be returned. I do not use tamper-resistant packaging because I am the only one handling the product before you receive it. If there is a problem with your order or product, contact me immediately and I will make it right.



Your personal data will only be used to process transactions on this website. It will only be used to contact you in regard to a transaction or communication on this site. It will not be used by Aeternus, LLC for any other purpose, nor will it be shared with anyone else – ever. That’s a promise.

ABOUT Maryann, owner of Aeternus Herbals

    I am a small-batch herbalist, which means I am a one-woman operation. I make all of my own herbal products in my own kitchen with my own hands. My tinctures and topicals are not mass-produced and bottled in a factory. This allows me to be 100% sure of the integrity of the products and how they are made. It also means that I can take special orders for anything at any time. I do specialize in herbal tinctures but I also make other topical herbal products. You can request a specific herbal tincture even if it is not currently available here. Any herb can be made into a tincture. Go to the contact page & email me to make a special request. If it is a tincture that I don’t have on hand, it will take up to 6 weeks to macerate (extract/prepare). 


      My exploration and education in herbal medicine began a decade ago, with a lot of self-study and research, but also includes formal study with the Herbal Academy and the Science and Art of Herbalism schools. What started as a way to help myself and my own health, has now grown into a business that does the same for others. I, like many of the people I know, have grown weary of the health care system and its propensity to simply give us more chemicals to ingest for every little thing that is wrong with us. Doctors frequently don’t address the problems; they simply treat the symptoms. That being said – there are many wonderful and valid reasons for going to a doctor when needed. Herbal supplements cannot do a lot of things and there are many things that modern medicine does much better.

      A lot of our health problems would be mitigated, if not eliminated, by dietary and lifestyle changes. There are a lot of problems – chronic and minor – that do not require ingesting chemicals regularly. In fact, it may very well be the ingestion of chemicals regularly that causes many health issues. Keeping your body in balance, making the whole body healthy, and looking at the issues themselves instead of just suppressing symptoms with drugs, is the way to a healthy life. Some might even say it is the way to an aeternus life. And that is the reason I selected the Latin word for eternal (aeternus) for my business name and the motto.

semper ad meliora … always toward better things

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