semper ad meliora … always toward better things

Aeternus, LLC is an herbal supplement business, specializing in herbal tinctures. The aeternus site is always evolving but always focused on that motto: always toward better things, natural solutions for natural beings.

There are so many things we can do for our own health to bring balance to our lives and increase the quality of our lives. That is what this website is about – sharing information that allows us to make and keep our own bodies as healthy as possible.

Products For Sale – See Herbal Products Page

I am not running a health food store; it is not my goal to sell you every supplement under the sun, but to consider only what you want – to address your needs. I do not have a store to browse – but I am at the C-Street City Market from April through October on Thursdays (4-8pm) and Saturdays (9am-2pm) on Commercial Street in Springfield, MO. You are, however, welcome to have a private conversation. Fill out the contact form here at the web site with your email. Your personal information will not go anywhere – ever – and will only be used by me to contact you.



send an email: aeternus.live@outlook.com

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