Patience … still being born

Semper ad meliora … always toward better things. Aeternus is in development and as it continues, it will be focused on that motto: always toward better things, natural solutions for natural beings.

There are so many things we can do for our own health – without taking a pill for everything. That is what this website is about – sharing information that allows us to make and keep our own bodies as healthy as possible.

Products For Sale – See Herbal Remedies Page

I am not running a health food store; it is not my goal to sell you every supplement under the sun, but to consider only what you want – to address your needs. I do not have a store to browse. You are, however, welcome to come by for a conversation. Fill out the contact form here at the web site with your phone number or email and we can set up an appointment. Your personal information will not go anywhere – ever – and will only be used by me to contact you to make an appointment. Currently, my herbal preparations are only available locally, limited to the Springfield, MO area. You can pick up or I can deliver. Soon, they will be available via the website utilizing PayPal for payment.

send an email: aeternus.live@outlook.com

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