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  1. Louise Billingsley

    HI Maryann this is Louise Billingsley sorry it has taken me so long to thank you for the essential oil you sent with my last order. Many Thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR

  2. I was at the Fair Grove farmer’s market and I purchased a product called Rosemary Coconut Scalp Cleanser and I did not see it on your website. I was wondering if it was still available because it is an excellent product! Do you still offer this product? My husband lost a lot of hair after COVID and it has helped grow hair back and also is reducing a large sun spot on his scalp, so I am very interested in getting more of this product. Thank you!

    1. Kim –

      I am no longer offering that product for sale – but you can easily make it yourself. You can order these products from Amazon. They are the same products and the same brands I used when making it. It will cost you about $21 to make an 8-oz bottle. The bottles I made were 4-oz, so it is about the same price per ounce you paid when you got it from me.

      NutriBiotic Pure Coconut Oil Soap, Unscented, 8 oz
      Plant Therapy Organic Rosemary Essential Oil, .33 oz

      Open the soap and pour in the entire 1/3 oz bottle of rosemary. (You might have to first pour a bit out of the soap bottle if it is too full.)


    1. I’m sorry Louise, I discontinued the allergy tincture due to low sales; it is no longer available. I do still have the sinus blend tincture, which helps with the congestion and nasal pressure, and I have an echinacea tincture, which is good for the upper respiratory system. I have a lungwort tincture which is also good for the upper respiratory system and lung health.

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