Gemstone Necklaces


all 5        Precious and semi-precious gems have been used since time immemorial for spiritual, emotional and physical healing. Practitioners of alternative medicine throughout the world make use of gemstones today for holistic healing. Different gems are thought to give off energy that can influence the health and well-being of the wearer.

        Gemstones are certainly not a healing force in and of themselves, but they may act in concert with other healing methods, including prayer, herbs, and modern medical practices. Sometimes the gemstone serves to remind us of a promise we made to God, our loved ones, or just ourselves – and in touching the stone, for just that moment in time, we remember our promise and gain the strength we need. all 4



        On this page you will find a number of semi-precious gemstone necklaces for sale. If you would like a necklace made of a gemstone that is not here, just ask. Special orders are welcome.

all individual


Amethyst (purple) healing, protection, strength, association with addiction and/or Pisces

Carnelian (red/orange) – confidence, inspiration, renewal, association with courage and/or Virgo

Citrine (yellow) – clarity, creativity, success, association with prosperity and/or Scorpio

Crystal Quartz (clear/white)balance, energy, purification, association with cleansing

Peridot (green) – optimism, intuition, wisdom, association with independence and/or Leo


all 3

  • All necklaces are made with semi-precious gems, varying in color and size because most of the stones used are not heavily processed and/or highly polished.
  • The carnelian and crystal necklaces are made with larger, heavier stones and have a more hefty look and feel, while the amethyst, citrine, and peridot necklaces are made with smaller beads and have a more dainty look and feel.   all separated
  • Necklaces are made with gem stones only, no filler beads and no glass or plastic beads.
  • Each necklace has a barrel twist clasp that is hypoallergenic and nickel-free.
  • Due to being hand made, necklaces vary in length from 17-22 inches.


Healing Gemstone Necklace

Fill in the form below with your order (gemstone & quantity of necklaces). Make payment via PayPal and the order will ship the next day. If you are local, it can be picked up or delivered the next day.



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