Arnica Analgesic Balm


Arnica is good for most pain, including muscles & nerves – but it is particularly good for arthritis & bone or joint pain. Its anti-inflammatory properties also makes it helpful for bruising. This recipe includes additional ingredients to help with pain and inflammation – including frankincense (aka boswellia).

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  • FOR: pain – arthritis, joints, bones, muscles, nerves
  • topical use, as needed
  • ingredients: arnica (arnica montana), white willow bark (salix alba), comfrey root (symphytum officianale), olive oil, avocado oil, frankincense & eucalyptus essential oils, beeswax
  • all natural herbal product, made in the USA, using only organic herbs
  • 1-oz & 4-oz tins available
  • Statements not evaluated by the FDA.


Arnica Analgesic Balm

1-oz tin, 4-oz tin


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