Herbal Energy & Nutrition Powder


This herbal powder blend is my own recipe and differs from the usual green powders that contain wheatgrass, kale – and a lot of fillers. I get my individual powders from reputable sources and never add any fillers of any kind. I selected these herbs for the nutritional value each adds to the blend. I included adaptogenic herbs in the mix (ashwagandha & moringa) to help bring balance to the body. Stressors can come from many places, some we don’t even consider, and this wears our body down. Adaptogens help the body adapt to stressors so that it can continue to operate optimally. I included collagen for bone and skin health, herbs with lots of vitamins and minerals, herbs that are good for the blood and the liver, energy boosting herbs – and I gave some special attention to eye health.

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Recommended Use: 1 teaspoon daily in water or juice or smoothie.

A fruit smoothie is best for this powder. If you mix it in water, warm water is better to dissolve the powder. The predominant tastes are the beet root and the alfalfa.

4.5 ounce package = 1-month supply


  • alfalfa (vitamins & minerals, metabolic health)
  • ashwagandha (adaptogenic – stress, fatigue)
  • beetroot (vitamins & minerals, nitric oxide production)
  • bee pollen (immune system, protein, antioxidants)
  • carrot (vitamins & minerals, eye health)
  • collagen (protein, skin & bone health)
  • guarana (energy, antioxidants)
  • moringa (adaptogenic, vitamins & minerals, protects liver)
  • spinach (vitamins & minerals, eye health)


Statements & products not evaluated by the FDA. Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Herbal Energy & Nutrition Powder

4.5-oz, 9-oz


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