Kava Kava Herbal Tincture


Kava Kava Root is very relaxing, good for stress, anxiety or sleep. It helps by calming and quieting your mind.

  • FOR: stress, calming, anxiety, sleep
  • recommended dose/use: 40-60 drops as needed
  • Do not use with alcohol.
  • ingredients: kava kava root (piper methysticum), 40% alcohol by volume
  • all natural herbal product, made in the USA, using only organic herbs
  • 1 fl. oz / 30 ml (1 ml approx 500 mg)
  • Statements not evaluated by the FDA.

My kava tincture is prepared using a double maceration method. After the first 6-week maceration and pressing of the kava in brandy, more kava root is added to the tincture liquid and allowed to macerate for another 6 weeks – before being pressed out and bottled.



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